BLOCKLORDS is a medieval grand war & strategy game with a fully player-owned economy. Players have the choice to partake in a variety of different play-styles. Whether you want to be helpful, greedy, benevolent, tyrannical, peaceful....there's an important role for everyone to play.

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Get Ready to Hunt or be Hunted

Blocklords aims to lead the web3 gaming strategy genre and incorporate beloved elements from popular franchises such as Age of Empires, Total War, and Crusader Kings. In Blocklords, players have the ability to shape their in-game legacy through their decisions and actions, enabling them to create unique and collaborative experiences with others.

By choosing different paths, players can actively contribute to and engage with the game's ecosystem. Whether you prefer focusing on farming and resource management or adopting a more aggressive approach by engaging in battles, your choices and skills will significantly impact the surrounding world.

At the start of the game, every player assumes the role of a humble farmer. Represented by your Hero NFT, you have the freedom to pursue any path you desire. As a farmer, you have the option to accumulate sufficient resources and then make a decision—whether to transition into a Knight or Raider or remain a farmer, building a reputation within the foundational pillars of society.

How Medieval Will You Go?

  • Reap the Rewards
    Who said hard work doesn’t pay? Grow, gather, trade, and join forces. Help your kingdom thrive — and so shall you.
  • Battle for your Legacy
    Some swear loyalty to a lord, others answer to no one. Some defend, others destroy. Champion honor or slay mercilessly. What will you fight for?

  • Rise to the Throne
    Manage cities and entire kingdoms. Govern with a fair hand or an iron fist. Make alliances or make war. At the top, there is only one rule: yours.

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