Crypto Fight Club

Crypto Fight Club (CFC) is more than just a play-to-earn game. The original sketch of the business had been curated to follow suit with the genesis ideology of crypto, whilst creating exciting game models for anyone to play and earn. With this mindset, the goal is to embed the true form factors of decentralization and put the power back into the people's hands. It's time to fight for your right to take ownership.

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CFC Fundamentals

The arena for all of your NFT-based battles and sparring matches between friends and foes alike (using modern-day protective measures). The motive is simple: acquire a fighter, kit them out with lavish accessories, and duke it out with other players. No longer will you cast envious glances at those who have the cash to buy the best accessories. Your success is a product of commitment, ambition and more than a bit of luck.

Gone are the days when features are locked behind paywalls and gamers have no choice but to be forced to accept the blatant disrespect of the developers they hold so dear. This is a game with a difference, one which rewards the zealots of chance who will stake it all at the moment for an opportunity to make their mark high on the leaderboard.

There is a great opportunity with crypto that Crypto Fight Club does not intend to squander. It’s the democratizing effect, a way to level the playing field and ensure each and every player has the same opportunity to make it big. We aim to achieve this by making sure everyone has an avenue to earn extra $FIGHT and power their fighters equally.

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Game Session #14

We are happy to invite you to our GAME SESSION #14 Giveaway! Join the community's event for a chance to win a Fighter NFT from Crypto Fight Club, Venly's official partner.

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