Cyber Syndicate

Cyber Syndicate is a GameFi & Media company that's paving the way for blockchain adoption through the dynamic fusion of advertising and gaming.

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By merging digital assets with rich Cyberpunk inspired lore, they're forming the basis for numerous activities and adventures. Their mission is to create fun and addictive experiences that incorprate ownership and rewards within the ecosystem.
They also leverage state of the art ad tech to unlock the possibility for gaming advertisers and developers to acquire new users and monetize their audiences faster and at a fraction of the cost.
An NFT mint on the Polygon blockchain will see the release of 3,333 special 3D VX gaming avatars and unlock a variety of access perks and rewards for avatar owners.

The Story

They are a team of digital creators driven by a passion for ad tech, blockchain gaming, and ownership economies. The vision of the future is a paradigm shift in technology that enables opportunities for billions to gain value from ownership of digital assets in a way that was previously unimaginable. They look ahead to an exciting future that includes omnichain interoperability, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality that will spawn a new technological era.

Moreover, you can use your Cyber Syndicate avatars to explore the Sandbox, go on missions, fight battles, and attend exclusive events. The Cyber Syndicate project has high level plans that involve advertising, digital assets, gaming, commerce, and much more. Customize your avatars with wearables and items that have varying rarities and boost performance in Sandbox games and experiences.

The Cyber Syndicate project plans to build a dystopian sci-fi city starting on a 6x6 estate land in the Sandbox where Cyber Syndicate avatars will get exclusive access to holder only areas. Factions will battle for control, go on exciting quests, and the winners will unlock special rewards.

Holders can receive rewards from proceeds generated by the Cyber Syndicate project from gamefi, advertising, and various other ventures that the syndicate becomes involved in. Every Cyber Syndicate holder is embarking on an exciting adventure with us!

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EXCLUSIVE Collection Drop: Cyber Syndicate

Power up, netrunners! The moment of digital revelation is here. The CyberSyndicate NFT Collection is gearing up to launch on Venly Market. Immerse yourself in neon-lit avatars, cyberpunk aesthetics, and cityscape rhythms. Secure your pixelated legacy and navigate the streets of tomorrow. Plug in, join the syndicate, and let the cyber adventures unfold

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