Cyberscope is a blockchain security and KYC services firm. They are a trusted partner of all major launchpads, Polygon DAO, and Coingecko.

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One of the leading auditing firms, having audited more than 1200+ blockchain projects and NFTs. Official partners of all major launchpads like PinkSale, DxSale and UniCrypt.

Comprehensive & Accurate Auditing Process

Cyberscope is one of the leading and recognised audit authorities in the crypto space. Its audits are recognised from launchpads like PinkSale, Unicrypt and DxSale and can earn a badge for your project.

The audit service guarantees to build trust and recognition for your project. It will improve your smart contract security and will be the main building block for all your marketing effort.

Audit certificate

Receive an audit certificate to share with your investors and community, alongside the full audit report.

Post-audit Marketing

Once you pass the Audit, we will promote your project to the leading voting website with more than 500k monthly visitors.

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Twitter Spaces: Securing the Future of Web3 Gaming w/ Cyberscope

Join us for a live AMA style discussion with Thanos Tsavlis, CEO of Cyberscope, as we talk cybersecurity in Web3!

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