FADA is a project dedicated to bringing high-quality art to the polygon ecosystem.

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Welcome to FADA, a project dedicated to bringing high-quality art to the polygon ecosystem. Each Fayden in the collection is carefully designed to showcase its own unique personality and style that you can easily relate to. They are also proud to present a selection of 40 exclusive 1 of 1 pieces, that have been specifically created for collectors, as well as the FADA Redemption System (FRS) aiming to reward holders. Join them on this captivating journey as they deliver top-notch art, offering a delightful combination of creativity and technology.

Supply Breakdown

● 1st Batch supply (1500): This supply represents the initial batch of Faydens that has been minted.

● 2nd Batch supply (2500): In order to further expand the community and achieve their goals, they have made the decision to augment the first batch of Faydens with a small additional supply. This strategic move will enable them to strengthen their brand presence and increase their outreach efforts.

● Marketing (500): They have allocated a portion of the supply to support marketing efforts and increase awareness of FADA. These NFTs will be utilized for various marketing activities, collaborations, and campaigns, serving as incentives to attract new holders and engage with their community.

● The Team Reserve & DAO Treasury serves (500): as a valuable resource to fulfill FADA's vision. It will be utilized for the development of innovative tools and the introduction of new concepts within the ecosystem. This allocation plays a crucial role in expanding the capabilities and offerings of FADA

● FADA Redemption System (FRS - 500): This supply will be specifically allocated to the FRS (FADA Redemption System). These NFTs can be redeemed using FADA points in various activities such as raffles, auctions, and future tools within their system.


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When we organize an event or campaign with FADA, you will find all the information you need here. Stay tuned!

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New Collection Drop: Fayden

The final countdown is on! Starting on Friday, July 14th, the enchanting ProjectFADA collection will make its grand debut on Venly Market. Get ready to enter a world where high-quality art meets the @onPolygon_ ecosystem. Each Fayden is a masterpiece, showcasing its own unique style.

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