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Kitty Kart Inu encompasses both a thematic, character-centric, metaverse (the 9VRSE) and a native ERC20 digital currency, Kitty Inu Token ($kitty), which powers the digital economies within the various interoperable virtual landscapes of the 9VRSE. The 9VRSE consists of beautifully rendered blockchain games, blockchain-based AI, 3D digital personas, episodic content, and virtual social worlds. In the 9VRSE, users can play, experience, explore, and monetize their content through the use of the Kitty Inu token.

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The kitty project is a thematic metaverse, a collection of virtual spaces designed for users to play, experience, explore, and monetize their content with others who are not in the same physical space, powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The motif of the ecosystem is visually represented by a “kawaii” cat character who dresses like a Shiba Inu. The choice of the mascot was intended to pay homage to the satire featured in ‘meme-coins’ that rallied communities around blockchain technology and inspired the most prolific non-fungible token collections, which paved the way for blockchain to become an integral component of metaverse implementations.


KittyKart is a single and multiplayer first-person-shooter (FPS) racing game filled with digital assets that players can earn and use to embellish their go-karts and characters within the game universe. Players aim to race, collect, create, and build karts for their avatars that can enhance their experience in game play and increase their performance in matches. The game universe features a player-owned economy where players can truly own, buy, and sell the resources they earned in the game through skilled gameplay.

To play KittyKart, users first select amongst the three gameplay options:

  • Single Player: A non-earning mode where an individual user can race against characters powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Multiplayer Community Mode:A non-earning mode where individual users are prompted to either enter an access code or generate one that they can share with others who they would specifically like to race against.
  • Multiplayer Skill-Match Mode: The only earning mode where users are matched with others based solely on their calculated skill level.

After selecting the game mode, users connect their web3 wallet containing the NFTs for their karts and avatars, select which ones they would like to play with, and enter the race.

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Game Session #11

We are happy to invite you to our GAME SESSION #11! Featured at GDC. Race with the Venly and 9VRSE KittyKart's team for a chance to win a Genesis Kart NFT.

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