MetaWealth™ is a Web3 investment platform, offering you fractional ownership in real estate properties that generate passive income.

Venly User Benefits

Simple. Safe. Secure.

They curate the best investment opportunities they can find and tokenize them using blockchain technology, fractionalize them into multiple asset shares and then offer them up to their user pool to invest in.

Yield-generating assets

These can be real estate assets in the real world.

The tokenized asset is then split into smaller shares (a process we call fractionalization) that can be acquired for an affordable price. With the help of a MetaWealth™-handled asset manager, the asset is also rented out and yield starts to be collected before the asset is publicly offered on the app.

As everything is ready for the final step, they take the asset, split into individual shares worth $100 to the MetaWealth™ app, making it available to users.

After they finalize their check-ups with independent third-party quality assessors, the asset is acquired by MetaWealth™ and tokenized using blockchain technology.

How to invest

Nothing simpler! All you need to do for your first investment with MetaWealth™ is to install the app and have a valid credit card. They will take care of everything else for you. Just sign up, top up your account with the sum you plan on investing and buy a share (or more) of the asset you’re interested in. You will see all their available assets in the app.

What you get as an investor

You earn an estimated ROI of 5-7% per year thanks to the collected rent which is regularly returned to you as investment yield, and you can also earn on the longer term thanks to natural asset appreciation (the increase in value that new assets tend to experience on the market).

The Mission

At MetaWealth's mission is to empower retail investors to take control of their financial future and achieve their investment goals. They believe that everyone should have access to investment opportunities that can help them grow their wealth and generate passive income, regardless of their investment experience or the amount of capital they have to invest.

- Providing their users with access to curated and fractionalized assets

- Offering a learning center that is packed with useful information and resources

- Creating a community of informed and engaged investors

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VenlySpaces: Empowering Real Estate Investing with WEB3 @MetaWealthApp

Join us in #VenlySpaces and MetaWealth as we are democratising wealth-building, one brick at a time!

EVENT: VenlySpaces x @MetaWealthApp: Mastering Real Estate in the Digital Era!

Mark Your Calendars: September 10th 

Set Those Alarms: 2 PM UTC

Here's the alpha: Dive into the mad gains of fractional ownership! Learn the cheat codes for mad passive income streams. Amplify your knowledge game, coz in the Venly realm, knowledge is power... and gains! Going green? Dive deep into sustainable investments in real assets with a twist.

EPIC LOOT ALERT: Jump in, throw your questions, and maybe score some voice time with the legends of MetaWealth!

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