Pickaxe Master

The Pickaxe Master is a treasure mining game on the Sandbox Metaverse.

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The Pickaxe Master

The game concept was initially born from a board game called, The Pickaxe Master, which was invented by two siblings, one with the passion for game design and the other for hand painting, that after discovering the Sandbox and it's possibilities, had the idea to adapt the game to the metaverse.

Sustainable Mining

Being both from a DIY background, they have found other minded-like spirits that believed in the vision and goal of the Pickaxe Master. A team was formed and together they started to build an immersive mountain, where you can explore freely, mine and win paid prizes, while learning about geology and mining techniques.


The Pickaxe Master has extensive plans for growth, as both a game and a community. The goal is to give away part of the profit to support a community chosen Non-Governmental-Organization or Non-Profitable-Association that is related to any form of mountain biological diversity preservation, to launch the Dwarf League, a multi-player seasonal league with paid prizes to the top players and to sponsor the community challenges.

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We are happy to invite you to our Weekly Game Session with PickAxe. Join the community's event for a chance to win a Master Ticket and VENS Rewards!

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