Picksels is a web3 game studio on a mission to bring blockchain technology to the masses through immersive and engaging gaming experiences. Committed to creating games that are not only fun and entertaining, but also educate players about the benefits and potential of decentralized technology.

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The Secrets of the Blockchain Trilemma

Few years after creating the Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto swiftly disappeared. A rumor says he retreated into a Metaverse where he developed a code solving the Blockchain’s Trilemma. According to the legend, this secret would allow creating the perfect blockchain.

Three Corporations announced they succeeded in creating a gate to access directly Satoshi’s Metaverse and found evidence of Satoshi activities inside what is now called CryptoMines.
Join one of the Corporations trying to build the perfect Blockchain!

But beware, in the CryptoMines you’ll face the most terrible perils of the Blockchain and you’ll be tested to death by the Cypherpunks, Guardians of the Code...

One more thing, keep an eye on your MetaOxygen, the air in the CryptoMines is awfully toxic.

The Crazy 10' Concept

A Bitcoin is created every 10 minutes”

  • The Mines integrates the mechanics and the culture of the Blockchain

You love great games but you have

  • No Time to Play: Good Games often require hours of practice to be mastered which is frustrating for « busy » people

The mines is for you

  • 10″ a day is enough to win: You will have 10’’ a day in the CryptoMines to collect the required quantity of cryptos
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AMA: Blockchain Gaming w/ Pexels

Join us for a live AMA-style discussion with Picksels, as we talk about The Mines game and what the depths of the Blockchain have to hide. Tune in for an extra surprise!

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