Planet Mojo

Embrace your inner Mojo and prove your strength on the battlefield! Set in Planet Mojo, Mojo Melee is the ultimate auto chess battler that will test your wit and strategy as you slay your way through opponents in real time! Emerge victoriously by upgrading your Mojos and Champions on the fly to maximize their attack and defensive stats and tactically utilize buffs and SpellStones to gain the edge over your rivals. Mojo Melee supports player-owned teams and long-term progression with Ranked Seasons, Battle Passes, and much more.

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More about Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is a magical and imaginative Web3 gaming metaverse platform being built by an accomplished team of industry veterans. Players compete with customized teams of mythical creatures in a suite of eSports, PvP games, set on a mysterious alien planet with a deep narrative that’s revealed by discovery and time. The long-term goal is to create a sustainable and expansive suite of games for the next generation of gamers, where they own their in-game assets and have a say in the project’s future direction.

Meet the Mojos

Mojos are the magical defenders of Planet Mojo, called forth by the planet itself to defend against a new deadly threat. Each Mojo derives their powers from the mysterious energy of the planet. They fight alongside their newly found alliances of Clan Champions in the wilds of Planet Mojo, all the while harnessing and mastering their new abilities, preparing for the battle to come.

The Champions

Champions are warriors from the clans of Planet Mojo. They have been sent to discover the source of the Scourge and determine whether an age-old prophecy is unfolding. In Mojo Melee, most of a player’s team will consist of Champions that have banded together with their Mojo.

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Game Session #12

We are happy to invite you to our GAME SESSION #12! Come play QUACK-OUT with the Venly community for a chance to win NFTs from Planet Mojo.

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