Polygon Monkeys

Polygon Monkeys is an innovative and unique NFT project launched on the Polygon blockchain, featuring a limited supply of 4444 meticulously crafted monkey NFTs. In addition to creating an exclusive collection of digital art, the project aims to build a thriving ecosystem supporting other NFT projects on the Polygon blockchain. Their team has poured their creativity and passion into each of these NFTs, crafting every detail to ensure they are truly one-of-a-kind. With such a limited supply, you'll be a part of an exclusive group of collectors who own a Polygon Monkey, and we guarantee you'll never see anything quite like it.

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Addresing the Polygon blockchain challengues

The Polygon blockchain, known for its scalability and low transaction fees, has attracted a diverse range of NFT projects. However, the current Polygon NFT ecosystem is scourged with challenges, including:

Lack of NFT-focused tools 

NFT-focused tools refer to the software and platforms designed specifically for creating, managing, and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon network. However, the current Polygon NFT ecosystem is lacking in these tools, making it difficult for NFT projects to thrive and succeed.

Limited options for passive income generation for NFT holders

The current Polygon NFT market is heavily dominated by play-to-earn (P2E) games and profile picture (PFP) projects, which are primarily used for speculative trading rather than practical use cases. While these projects have gained significant popularity and generated high trading volumes, they do not offer much utility beyond their collectible or gaming aspects.

Therefore, to achieve long-term sustainability and growth in the Polygon NFT market, there is a need for the development of NFT-focused tools that go beyond P2E use cases. These tools could enable NFT creators to build more practical and useful applications that leverage the unique features of NFTs, such as verifiability, immutability, and scarcity.

Limited options for passive income generation

While the Polygon NFT market offers numerous opportunities for earning profits through trading, many NFT holders are looking for a more passive income generation solution that does not require excessive amounts of time and effort. However, currently, there are limited options available to NFT holders for generating passive income from their assets.

The Solution

1. Non-custodial staking mechanisms

The non-custodial staking mechanism is a unique and innovative solution designed to be integrated into various projects on the Polygon blockchain. This mechanism will be developed and maintained within our project's infrastructure, offering a secure and user-friendly staking experience for users. Our goal is to provide this advanced staking mechanism as a service to other projects within the Polygon ecosystem, enabling them to leverage its potential and enhance their offerings.

The revenue generated from the sale of this non-custodial staking service will be distributed strategically to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of our project. The revenue distribution will be divided into two primary components:

2. Provision of NFT-focused services to NFT projects

Polygon Monkeys is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that revolutionize the NFT space. One of our groundbreaking offerings is a customized Art Upgrade solution for NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. This solution significantly simplifies the art upgrade process, reducing the friction associated with NFT art updates by almost 99%.

3. NFT Yield Farming

Polygon Monkeys is dedicated to providing innovative and rewarding opportunities for NFT holders. To achieve this, a unique NFT farming platform that incentivizes NFT holders to deposit their assets into liquidity pools or farming pools, earning rewards in the form of tokens or other assets has been developed.

The NFT farming platform not only benefits holders but also caters to holders of other NFT projects. By partnering with various NFT projects in the ecosystem, new earning opportunities are available for users who simply hold NFTs in their wallets.

Partnering projects will contribute to the liquidity pool by providing funds in the form of various assets, such as MATIC, USDC, or native project tokens. This collaborative approach fosters a robust and diverse liquidity pool, enhancing the overall user experience and potential rewards.

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