QORPO is a gaming studio with a focus on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They are connecting the best attributes of decentralization and creating a complete ecosystem. QORPO ID is a game-changer in many aspects of investing, trading, staking and gaming.

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QORPO ID is a safe storing & staking solution, gaming launchpad and a place for regular NFT drops. It is integrating all products together in one place for a seamless and easy-to-use experience. It will also fulfill all the functions of a digital wallet and will be the key to all the company’s products, including TRM 2, CryptoCitizen and QORPO Market — one login to every platform.


Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions

Since the inception in 2018, they have made a mark in the blockchain genre with titles such as TRM and Citizen Conflict. QORPO has proved as one of the most experienced Unreal Engine studios in the industry thanks to their dedication to delivering top-notch blockchain gaming experience. 


  • QORPO knows that strength stems from a strong and dedicated community. Therefore they set themselves to give players the power and always aim beyond the promised expectations.


  • Enriching the gaming we grew up loving with the prospect of blockchain technologies. They pioneered the monetization model because they believe in accessibility and digital ownership of in-game assets.


  • They take pride in pioneering what they do best. QORPO is committed to pushing the limits of the latest technologies and bringing you the most immersive gameplay experience possible. They're forging the virtual universe of tomorrow.

QORPO perks

for MetaRing owners

  • Receive a limited edition Venly-branded NFT Race Car and Avatar within Trade Race Manager.
  • Get special in-game car connected to the ring.
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