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The main stage for music in Web3. Connecting artists and fans to mint the sound of a decentralised future.

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Their Mission

TokenTraxx provides a powerful opportunity for Creators to engage on every level with fans in unprecedented ways using NFT technology, whilst simultaneously creating a whole new income stream. Those who have a good ear for music can become Curators and can earn from their ability to spot untapped potential by building brilliant playlists. And as you would expect from a music NFT market place; Collectors can search tracks, artists and genres to build their NFT libraries which they can showcase to the community or trade on the open market.

What they do?

Web3 Music Advisory Services

Advisory service for brands wanting to use Web3 music as part of their growth plans.


The TokenTraxx Marketplace is your gateway to amazing Web3 audio visual artwork.


Enter Web3 with an edge and launch your minting studio on TRAXX Protocol.

The TokenTraxx Creator Accelerator Program

The Token||Traxx team wants to mix the best elements of the traditional music business with the concepts of Web3. Those traditional elements revolve around artist discovery and development. As Tommy D explains

“My role as a music producer is not just to realize a Creators dream, or bring to life the sounds and songs in their head but to push Creators, take them out of their comfort zone because that's where the real magic lies and that's when you create something special”

Token||Traxx has brought together some of the most respected and established music professionals, whose role is to provide mentorship and support for key artists.

We call it ‘The Accelerator’

Extra power for MetaRing owners

  • 1000 $TRAXX Tokens: Each MetaRing holder will receive 1000 $TRAXX tokens as part of the airdrop.
  • Silver Membership NFT: Alongside the $TRAXX tokens, MetaRing holders will also receive a Silver Membership NFT.
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