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The cooperative RPG game, Big Time, offers players a unique gaming experience by combining fast-action combat, NFT collectability, and a history-spanning adventure. Players will embark on an adventure across time and space, encountering famous and infamous figures from history. The goal is to uncover a mysterious threat that is destroying time itself. The game boasts stunning artwork, diverse adventure instances, and procedural dungeons that offer valuable loot for players.

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Big Time's next-level design allows players to collect rare NFT items that can be traded in-and-out of the game through the patented Vault technology. The game also offers clothing and armor from different time periods and a personalized Time Machine that can be customized with various items.

Players can decorate their space with new furniture, hang trophies, or display their NFT artwork collection. The game's central hub, Epoch City, is a sprawling metropolis located at the end of the universe, making it the perfect place to show off all your loot.

In Big Time, you play as a time traveler who’s been summoned to the end of the universe, to take part in the greatest adventure in human history.

Your journey will send you to the farthest reaches of time and space, where you’ll encounter ancient mysteries, terrifying dangers, and even a few familiar faces.

Big Time will be available for all players and won't require you to pay to play any additional content in the game.

Big Time uses Procedural Generation to create an engaging and new experience in every battle. Procedural Generation uses algorithms that pull from human-made assets to create unique environments, objectives, and enemies for every Adventure Instance.

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