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The Venly community is the community where you learn about new projects in the web3 space. The main goal of our community is to educate people about NFTs, Metaverses and WEB3 gaming.

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Venly Community

Venly is a blockchain technology provider offering wallets, marketplace and NFT tools to businesses. Venly is on a mission to onboard the next billion users to Web3. To do this, Venly offers a comprehensive technology stack to bring brands, apps, and platforms into Web3. Trusted by many industry leaders and over 3 Million end users, Venly’s solutions provide a familiar Web2 experience to make blockchain easier for both users and developers alike.

The mission of the Venly Communityis to educate our members and create a place where they can spend time with like-minded people. Our community is mainly spread across Twitter and Discord, where this community portal is the hub where we publish all relevant information.

Venly Community

Bringing together like-minded people from different communities in the Metaverse is one of our community's missions.

The community offers various activities for the members;

  • Weekly game nights
  • Twitter Spaces with known and new projects
  • Giveaway campaigns with partners
  • MetaRing events
  • and more to come...


Stay tuned and become a member of our community. Do you own a MetaRing NFT? Then you get access to the gated MetaRing club channel and gathed content on this portal.

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When we organize an event or campaign you will find all the information you need here. Stay tuned!

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You are not lost in space! There are currently no upcoming or ongoing events or projects.


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Game Session #18

We are happy to invite you to our GAME SESSION #18! Join the community's event for a chance to win $VENS.

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