Metasport Arena is a company behind Sam Arena, the first sports and entertainment Binance blockchain-based metaverse. A virtual place where sports and entertainment fans, brands, and sports entities become self-governed community members. Virtual neighbors. All with unique capabilities to build, share and earn native SAM token and real estate.

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SAM Arena is a unified virtual sports and entertainment universe where users connect and engage with their idols and peers. Creating a world for 3 billion sports to interact with their Idols, build next to their teams, and finally give use to all those teams' tokens. We have developed the first sports and entertainment Metaverse focusing on all fans to our players, with interacting chat, voice chat, and room technology of up to 250 persons ( in development).  A Nonstop interaction with their clubs and idols puts players at the center of our world. 


SAM Arena is designed to allow users to navigate and discover and enjoy different activities throughout their day, as described below:

  • Communities
    • SAM Arena is one of the first Virtual Sporting and entertainment meta worlds partnering with sports entities to build their stadiums within its Metaverse and enhance the fan experience.
  • Entertainment
    • The opportunity to transport fans from anywhere in the world to see their favorite entertainer or band live is transformational.
  • Gaming
    • SAM Arena will deliver several play-to-earn games where citizens will begin their journey in SAM Arena and continue to select preferred activities.
  • Healthcare
    • Virtual reality yoga and meditation are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, VR healthcare makes Yoga fun and makes our lives easier and healthier. 
  • Education
    • As part of our road map, we'll develop a virtual learning experience that will help enhance learning by allowing students to interact with their lessons and experience them differently. 
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It's time for us to dive into a subject that has not yet gained the traction it deserved: WEB3 and How Sports & Entertainment Can Help to reach the masses! And because where is buzz, there is community, we're glad to do a giveaway sponsored by our friends from MetaSports Arena!

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