Sunflower Land

Farm, Gather, Fish, Cook, Craft & Trade your NFTs in this RPG based farming simulator. Start your farming empire today. Will you become an explorer, a master chef, a lumberjack, a fisherman, a miner or barn manager?

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SunFlower Land

Sunflower Land is a casual farming Blockchain game. The goal is to Farm Crops, Gather Resources, Cook Food, Raise Animals, Craft Items, Evolve your Bumpkin and Expand your Land to build your farming empire.

Over 500 resources on the Blockchain. Farm, trade and own what you find!

Sunflower Land is built by Thought Farm, a Sydney Based game studio. We are passionate about transparency and working with Open Source developers around the world. Come join us on Github or watch us on Twitch!

SunFlower Land

Plant and harvest crops

From humble sunflowers to hearty radishes. You can plant a range of seeds, harvest the crops and earn SFL

Chop wood, mine rocks and craft rare items

Collect the resources you need to craft limited rare items and NFTs with special boosts!

Raise animals and collect resources

Collect Wheat to feed your chickens and grow your egg empire. Will you find a mutant Chicken?

Goblin retreat

Visit Goblin village to mint rare SFTs, NFT wearables & trade with players.

Cook food and level your Bumpkin

Discover new recipes to boost your Bumpkin. Unlock skills, access new islands and grow your Bumpkin family!

Land expansions NFTs

Collect natural resources and expand your empire. Each piece of land is a unique NFT. Will you find a rare piece of land?

And much more...

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