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Xave World immerses you in an open virtual world in constant expansion and change, where you can explore new places, play, create, and interact in an extraordinary way in various spaces that will lead you to unique experiences, face to face with your favourite artists and musical styles.

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Explore, create, interact, play and have fun....

Xave World is a metaverse that immerses the player in an open virtual world, where he can explore new places, play, create and interact in an extraordinary way in different cities that will lead him to live unique experiences.

You can now enjoy one of the greatest and most important cities in our metaverse: the city of concerts and mass events. There, you will find 8 stages simultaneously, each of them presenting diverse music options.

Xave World

You will be able to create an avatar based on yourself easily and to choose among the different options to customize it.

Have Fun!

Explore and visit all the cities, interact with other players, access both free and paid events, join Community Houses (fans clubs), buy merchandising, buy and sell NFTs, buy Lands and apartments, and access numerous experiences created by users and by Xave World. 


Verify you identity as an artists, upload content, create NFTs, monetize, and access all the exclusive tools offered by Xave´s For Artists program. 


Purchase Lands, build your own place, create community houses, monetize, and access numerous benefits for owners.



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