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VR Jam Platform

VRJAM is a multiplayer social gaming and live events platform built to empower global brands and premium content creators to create immersive ‘real-time’ consumer experiences inside virtual worlds.

Using an array of cutting edge, proprietary technology the platform empowers clients to render interactive, virtual live events for global audiences and to monetize these events in new ways using solutions that are at the forefront of the global technology landscape.

The platform tech stack consists of a suite of technology modules that interoperate to produce a high quality, multiplayer user experience that is social, live and immersive with the pinnacle goal of maximising the authenticity of human presence within digital space.

LIVE Events Evolved

VRJAM Venues is a turn-key technology solution for increasing revenue and audience engagement at live events.

It empowers live event producers to present talks and live performances in a ‘hybrid’ event format whereby speakers and performers are visualised as photo-real avatars inside vivid virtual worlds, live in real time.

This in turn provides access to an array of game-changing new revenue streams that leverage web3 tech and offers new opportunities to engage and monetize sponsors, delegates and fans.

VRJAM Venues activates conference speakers and live performers in a hyper-real metaverse environment and on-stage IRL simultaneously, empowering live events to live and breath within the metaverse.

Radical new opportunities for brand storytelling and branded content are made possible, helping to maximize user experience for sponsors, fans and brands.

VRJAM’s team support event producers and exhibitors to engage sponsors and advertisers using our global network of brand relationships to help maximise sponsorship revenue. 

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