Monthly Update - September 2023

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Venly was thrilled to kick off the month by being listed on Magic Store! As the world’s first and largest web3 dApp store, Magic Store provides another platform through which clients from various industries cand discover how Venly’s tools can increase their customer engagement, diversify their revenue, and increase business efficiency.

FIBA Campaign

The FIBA Basketball World Cup Final took place on September 10th, bringing the tournament to an end with a thrilling German victory over runner-up Serbia. The ‘Mementos’ digital collectibles campaign, for which Venly was technology provider, broke new ground in international basketball fandom. 

Basketball lovers from across the globe could show their support for their teams with their NFT digital collectibles. In addition, they gained access to exclusive basketball benefits, including giveaways and prizes, as well as a digital basketball fan club with its own events and competitions. The campaign proves the incredible power of NFTs to engage fans - not just in sports, but across industries. And it’s still ongoing, so check out the online store and see for yourself!

Venly @ Events

Ron Shepherd, Chief Revenue Officer at Venly, attended x DMEXCO - Europe’s largest web3 use-case conference. The conference made clear that great blockchain-based products are still being built every day regardless of market conditions. Major brands are laser-focused on in-game assets for platforms like Fortnite and Roblox, with total users upwards of 200 million. Meanwhile, tokenization of real-world assets is on the rise, as is web3-based customer engagement.  
Venly Finance and Operations Manager, Marijke Wouters, was present at WEB32 in Antwerp, Belgium, to take part in a panel discussion entitled “Creating Value in Immersive Worlds.” Alongside experts from the realms of fashion, media, VR and NFTs, Warijke discussed the exciting opportunities for brands across industries to harness the power of the Metaverse and establish stronger connections with their audiences. Congratulations to the WEB32 team for once again hosting one of the premier Web3 events in Europe!

Venly Market

Several buzz-worthy collections were listed on the Venly Market through September. Most notably, web3 gaming platform Gaimin dropped its Wildfire Wonders pack, featuring skins and other in-game assets at a variety of price points. Meanwhile, GameFi and Media project Cyber Syndicate released its VX collection of player avatars for the popular metaverse ‘The Sandbox.’ With collections like these dropping regularly, low fees and incentives for trading, the Venly Market remains an unmissable destination for web3 projects looking to launch their NFT collections. 
And congratulations to the winner of our VoxEdit design contest, @pandu_ihsanp, as well as all the other competitors who submitted their designs for a Venly logo-inspired pickaxe usable in the Sandbox game world. The creativity of our community continues to inspire us. Well done!

About Venly

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Monthly Update - August 2023

August saw Venly participate in some major events and partnerships across multiple industries.

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