Venly x BLOCKLORDS - 2,000 $LRDS Airdrop Campaign

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Embark on a journey to the medieval metaverse, where every decision shapes your destiny. BLOCKLORDS, a groundbreaking creation by Metaking Studios, is set to redefine the grand strategy gaming genre with the power of Web3. In collaboration with Venly, a leading blockchain technology provider, this partnership brings forth a gaming experience like never before, coupled with a unique utility token - $LRDS. Join us in this exciting campaign that not only introduces you to the epic world of BLOCKLORDS but also rewards you with the power to shape its future.

A Medieval Metaverse Redefined

BLOCKLORDS is not just a game; it's a player-driven medieval grand strategy experience. Choose your playstyle - whether it's farming, fighting, resource management, or ruling, and forge your destiny in a shared world where every action matters. With the best elements of Age of Empires, Total War, and Crusader Kings, BLOCKLORDS elevates the genre to new heights through Web3 technology.

$LRDS Token: A Key to Empowerment

At the heart of the BLOCKLORDS ecosystem is the $LRDS token, a versatile currency that fuels both gameplay and governance. Earn $LRDS by actively engaging in the game, and then utilize it to gain influence, purchase in-game items, and even participate in community governance. The dual role of $LRDS makes it an essential part of the player experience, adding depth and community engagement to the BLOCKLORDS universe.

Epic Milestones Achieved

🎮 40,000 Downloads on the Epic Games store

💥 50% Day 1 Retention, 38% Day 7

⏳ 1 Million Weekly Hours Played

🗺️ 50 Regions Conquered

🛡️ 2200 Battle Passes Claimed


Visit their Official Website

Play on the Epic Games Store

Check out their Youtube

Learn all there is to know via the BLOCKLORDS Wiki

Venly: Empowering Web3 Innovation

Venly is a blockchain technology provider offering a comprehensive suite of Web3 tools. From Wallet as a Service to marketplace solutions and NFT tools, Venly enables companies to build and scale their projects seamlessly in the Web3 space.

Venly empowers BLOCKLORDS with the Wallet Widget, facilitating the seamless onboarding of users to the Web3 game. With features like Social Login, Google/Twitter/Facebook SSO, and semi-branded customization, Venly's Wallet Widget ensures a user-friendly and secure experience.

🏆Campaign Kick-off: 2,000 $LRDS Airdrop!

To celebrate the partnership between BLOCKLORDS and Venly, we are excited to announce a special airdrop campaign. 2,000 $LRDS tokens will be airdropped to both Venly Metaring holders and the general Venly community. This is your chance to get a taste of the $LRDS utility and become a part of the BLOCKLORDS community.

Duration: Jan 23rd - Jan 26th, 9am UTC

Winners: 40 winners get 50 $LRDS each

👉Join the campaign

Make sure the Venly or Metamask wallet you connect is EVM compatible for accessing the airdropped $LRD


Don't miss out on this epic campaign! Join the medieval metaverse, shape your destiny, and be part of the Web3 gaming revolution with BLOCKLORDS and Venly. Stay tuned for more updates and unleash the power of $LRDS!

Visit Venly for more information on their Web3 tools and services and check out the Web3 Gaming Toolkit

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